Thursday, June 4, 2015

Life is a juggling act!

Oh the joys of the juggling act, right? Most people saw my facebook post last night about what kind of day I had with the children. It wasn't a pretty day for any of us. There were tears, screaming, biting, smacking- and 3 frustrated people (me, cicily and colton). At the time, I think it was just me that was going crazy-but after a good nights sleep my thoughts have changed.

What I realized is that yesterday was not the best of days- but not the best of days for ALL of us. It was rainy- I had to wait at home for the Gas company from 8-12 and they came right at 12 (love the customer service...thats for another post). So 4 hours in the house with both kids not able to go anywhere. There is only so much you can do- especially since they are so used to getting out in the morning and playing with their friends at the gym (which also gives me a break and time to workout).  Anyway I am not going to go through the whole day, since it would take all week. But we were in the house the ENTIRE day. 

I did the laundry, touched base with some clients, talked on the phone, organized the pantry, watched Real Housewives(don't judge), and played with the kids on and off. The one good thing about my little lambs is that they actually like each other and don't mind playing with each other. However, what I realized was that I did not spend QUALITY time with either of them. I wasn't the mom I was on other days and they were responding to that. They wanted some quality time, not quantity. So the day ended with getting bit, taunting from the other and 3 really upset peeps. (And of course when the hubs got home, he was so taken back by the tone and tears- he didn't know what to say).

Anyway, I am going to wrap this up by saying a few things. I need to treat my children the same way I treat my clients. It is important that I give 100% when I am with them- not 50% all day long. When I am paying attention to them- I need to be focused and there. I need to love them and guide them- just like I do my clients.
 What I learned, is that life is a juggling act and when one thing falls most of the time the other things fall. However- pick the pieces up and try again. Once you get a hold of it- most of the time it runs smoothly (most of the time). 
Third- TO ALL THE PARENTS OUT THERE. When you are with your kids spending time with them- be focused and be there. BE ENGAGED. (How would you feel if you were in a work meeting and people kept answering the phone, walking around,texting,etc?).

Back to blogging- stay tuned.
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