Tuesday, September 2, 2014

When change is needed....

What does change mean? Well it can mean a world of things, depending on the individual. For me, right now a change is needed. This is not a life altering change for me. The change I am talking about is a step by step process to get my life back on track. A lot has been going on, nothing extreme- but just a lot of life events. 

Change is needed for me personally. The change is going to be a process and will take a while but it has got to happen. This change is for me to get re-ogranized. Before children I had calendars, schedules, color coordinated clothes in my closet. I know everyone says that children change the dynamic of your life and what is and isn't important. Yes, true statement. But for me to feel myself- I need to get back into a routine. I need to change my mindset of- "oh the kids need me to spend every waking moment with them" to "hey the kids can play by themselves for a bit and I can fold the laundry and put it away" or "I can squeeze in a blog post while they are eating their snacks". I could go on and on and to many it might seem silly but for me, in order to feel like myself I need to get this process started. First up, google calendar. For work and for life. Print it out and post it on my fridge. 

Once I can get this started, I believe that my life will start to organize itself. Once it is somewhat organized, my re-learned habits will allow me to spend quality time with the kids and husband and I think this will make us all happier.

Peace out for now- I will update you on my progress.

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