Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Going from GOOD to GREAT

I have been talking about being great for the last few months and have not really done anything about it. I have spoken with my "coach" from work about it and it seems that I have yet to start my journey towards this goal. I want to be completely honest with you all about me. I am going to be transparent and open. But please don't take this as I am being cocky or that I think I am better than anyone. That is not my point in this post.

First of all, I am sitting here while my 9 month old naps and my 3 year old is watching cartoons. I don't have much time for anything. I am a mother and a wife above anything else, but I am also a full time real estate agent. So time is limited.

So here it goes.... I have been good at a lot of things my whole entire life. I am very very blessed to be athletic and I always made the top teams, no matter what sport. I just happened to choose soccer to be my "thing". I started playing tennis a few years back, without EVER playing... I was really good. I moved up the rankings and levels in unheard of time. I am really good. School, I always said I worked super hard in class and I "studied all the time". This was to make me feel like a B average was good. For work, as a realtor I do love my clients, and yes time is limited.... BUT 3 million in sales some count as great... for me... without REALLY putting my feet to the pavement... was just GOOD. Hear me out if you are ready to judge at how amazing I think I really am.

What do the above statements seem to have in common? GOOD. Not GREAT. What I realized was humbling. Although I am good at a lot of things, I am not GREAT in anything.  There are many things I am not good or great at, don't get me wrong- I know my weaknesses too! I am not good at gardening, I am not a good reader (although I actually like it), I am not good at concentrating, I have ADHD, I am not good at driving, I am not good at keeping the house clean, I am a HORRIBLE swimmer... I could go on an on.

So... I am good at a lot of things but I find myself desiring more for myself. I want to be GREAT in the things I am good at. So what does that mean? It means getting my sh** together and focusing on just a few things.

Talking about it for 2 months now and TODAY is the day I strive for GREATNESS. I will make my muscles burn, my head hurt and my emotions go nuts, but its because of having to actually be honest with myself and all of my readers I have to do it. Please join me in my journey of being GREAT. I will keep you posted on a daily basis on how I am transforming myself.

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