Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Really? Real Estates agents go through that too?

Most people in the real estate business write about the amazing and perfect experiences they have given their clients. I am not going to be doing that today. Stories about buying and selling are interesting. That is why I am going to write about our recent sale and purchase.

We made our house look amazing and in perfect showing condition. It was on the market for 6 days before we received a great offer from an amazing couple just starting out their married life. Love at first sight, right? Well we weren't really ready to find out through inspections that our house had termites, tons of rotten siding and a broken down HVAC. We had stock piled all of our money for a down payment. So there wen't almost 7,000. It didn't stop there, the value of the appraisal came in $6,000 less that what we were under contract for. (Yes I am a real estate agent and I pulled the best comps for our house, however that doesn't really matter to the appraiser- since they really have the final say). To say the least we were so frustrated and depressed that we didn't know where to turn from there. We decided to take the loss and take advantage of the low interest rates compared to what we had on the house at the time.

We found an amazing house and put in an offer and then we were quickly under contract and things on the purchase side moved quickly and smoothly.

Why am I telling you this? I am telling you that real estate agents are humans as well and we go through the same things that buyers and sellers go through daily. We are not out to get you- just to make a commission. When we say, "I know how it feels", we do. That is what makes us great, thats what makes me great. I've been there, I've done that- I KNOW.

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