Monday, August 27, 2012

Hello... My name is AWESOME

I was walking into the the YMCA the other day and this kid was walking out with a shirt that said "Hello, my name is AWESOME" and those were my thoughts exactly. I fell madly in love with it because it made a very forward statement. I wish we all were a little braver and would be so confident to wear something like this. Some people may think that this is a little egotistical but I think that it is a statement that really says "I believe in myself". A lot of us don't believe in ourselves so we never actually stick our neck out there and in return you get ZERO results. 
Anyway, all I wanted you to get out of this, is the fact that we all need to be a little braver and a little more self assured. Because I sure feel that I am pretty awesome and I hope you can feel the same way about yourself. Because once you do, the sky is the limit.

Be awesome today.

Go Realty Girl

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