Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pray Big, Think Big

I get a devotion sent to my email daily and about half the time I just pass by them. Well I am glad that I didn't yesterday. It was titled "Pray Big" and I was instantly attracted. Anything with the word "BIG" in it seems to catch my attention. So pretty much this was talking about praying big prayers, because if you just pray little prayers you will only get little results. So many of us are afraid to pray big because we don't feel that we will get the result. But if we pray little prayers God may give us those items. 
How I look at this- it is so limiting for me. I want to pray big, live big and think big with EXPECTANCY that I will receive these BIG items. Why limit ourselves? Whether it is in prayer, in life or in the way you think. Do it in a BIG way and results with be BIG as well.
Go Realty Girl

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