Saturday, April 14, 2012

No sharing your cheerios

Oh brother.... Cicily has been starting to share her Cheerio's with Sadie, our dog. Not only is it Cheerio's- but anything we give her to eat. I have to keep telling her please don't share with Sadie, she has allergies. Obviously she doesn't understand. But what I took note of is that babies learn to share at such an early age- so why do we forget when we get older. They don't think "this is my last cheerio" or "this is my last dollar". They just do it. They just share. Sharing and giving without wanting something back is a lesson I am learning. I realized that I would love to give more. By no means are we rich, but I do know that people are worse off that us and I would want them to have something more than they do. I haven't chosen who or what I am going to be giving to but if its sharing my cheerio's or my money I am going to do it without thinking of getting something in return.

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