Friday, February 17, 2012

What the he*& is YELP?

Now a lot of you are asking the same question I asked just a few weeks ago. What the heck is yelp? And why would I care anything about it?

Well I was definitely asking the same question and realized that it provides quite a service. It is a network of businesses, restaurants, people that you can look up and see what people have said about them. Not only can you see what other people have said about them, you can leave your own comments. It is the next step in social networking. You also can friend people and follow them and where they have gone.

Although I haven't fully figured it out, I think it is a tool that most of us will be using in the very near future (kind of like facebook). Go on, check it out and look around. You can friend me and I will gladly accept.

Go Realty Girl

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