Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"The Voice"... Whitney Houston

As the news came shocking to everyone, Whitney Houston has died. Known as "The Voice", she has inspired many, healed many and encouraged millions. People (including me) loved and still love her music. It's like an angel singing in your ear. But that is not what I am going to write about today. What I want to write about is living for others, living up to others expectations and forgetting who you are and what you are all about.
Whitney Houston had it all. She was a great actress and an amazing singer. What she forgot in the last years of her life was herself. She felt the need to live up to others expectations and not her own. She got wrapped up in things that would give her temporary relief from the pressure. We as whole do this as well. We feel the need to make others happy. But when we get so wrapped up in what others think and what you think they want from you, you slowly loose yourself.
I have to admit that I am somewhat of a people pleaser. But I have to give myself a reality check every so often to remind myself that the only joy and happiness I will receive is from ME feeling content and successful. It is I who I need to please, it is I who I need to live up to, not anyone else.
When you feel like you might be going over the edge or you are getting to wrapped up into what others want or think- take a break and give yourself a reality check. Remind yourself that you are the only one that can make you happy, so do whatever that is. If you forget who you are, it will kill you eventually (physically, spiritually or mentally).
Take care of yourself first.

Go Realty Girl

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