Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pushing through exhaustion

Being a new mom, I know exactly when Cicily is getting tired. She gets exhausted after playing for a few hours and probably could nap anywhere. So she goes down for a nap and then wakes up refreshed and the cycle continues. But what about you? What about me? What do I do when I am exhausted? We can't just sit at our desks and take a two hour nap - none of us would have jobs.
Well this is where we need to re-focus. Of course a nap is not in the cards- but this is where we have a decision to make. We, as a whole need to start taking care of ourselves or we are going to crash and burn. I sometimes find myself being exhausted, not because I am a new mom but because I don't take enough care of myself. Preparing yourself to be tired is key. Make sure you are taking time out to rest. Don't over schedule yourself. It all boils down to preparation. I know that if I work out, yes I will be "tired" afterwards, but I also know that it gives me energy. I say I am going to work out and then tell myself I am too tired. Not anymore. Whether it be I go for a walk, do a exercise video or play tennis I need to be doing it- on a regular basis. Next I need to be scheduling my life accordingly. Work out in the morning, work/take care of Cicily during the day and then at night- making sure that when Cicily goes down that I am setting aside time for myself and time to spend with my husband. Time to decompress.
So today is the day I start planning, so that when I get exhausted, I know that I will have time set aside in each of my days to relax, something to look forward to. Take care of yourself, plan and exhaustion will no longer rule your life.

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