Friday, February 10, 2012

Mortgage Update from Debbie Owens

Ever week we get mortgage updates from a close lender to our company and it is short and swee and that is what I am going to be now. Below is a preview of this weeks mortgage rates along with what credit scores it is associated with:

Here’s where rates are: Today I am quoting with 0% origination

Conventional: 740 credit score, 80% LTV, w/ escrow account

30 yr fx 3.875%

20 yr fx 3.875%

15 yr fx 3.125%

5/1 ARM 3%

FHA: 640 score, 96.5% LTV (call for rate quotes with scores 600 – 640)

30 yr fx 3.75%

20 yr fx 3.75%

15 yr fx 3.5%

Thanks Debbie Owens with Prime lending!

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