Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Customer Service... REALLY?

Jory and I recently took a trip out to Arizona for a work/vacation. If anyone knows when flying to Arizona or anywhere out west, it takes a while and patience are tested. What would you want most while flying? Good customer service.
Our customer service was terrible. While trying to check in and check our bags, the touch screen computer wasn't recognizing our names. We asked for help and the very friendly (not) gentleman said " I can't help you." Period. After some frustration,we went inside to see a customer service representative and again, super rude she said "you must have done something wrong"... Hmmm.. she couldn't pull it up either other than on her main network. Great, thanks... really. I won't go into much more detail for the rest of the flights because you would be reading until next week.
All I know is that I am in a customer service career and if I ever treated my clients with such rudeness I would be out of a job. Not only is it my job to be nice (of which I usually am) but it is also my job to fix problems, guide through processes and make sure their pillows are nice and fluffy (just an analogy that I want to make their real estate experience flawless and comfortable so they will "fly" with me again).
The only thing left to say is " If you don't like your job or you aren't suited for customer service, FIND SOMETHING ELSE"
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