Thursday, February 9, 2012

Changing your game plan

I played a really tough match the other day and although I lost in a game set tie break, I learned quite a bit. What I realized is that I have "my game" and I play a certain way because it has been mostly successful. What I learned though was that my opponent was quite bright and was playing the opposite of how I played. I came to the net, she would lob. I did a short ball and she would hit a long ball. She did this all to obviously win points, but because I wasn't changing up my game and she realized it.
Sometimes we have to be a little bit more observant and realize that when our game is not working, that we need to step back and adjust. Although it might not be the way we usually do things, changing it up a bit can really help the outcome. Each situation is different and I realized that sometimes I need to play my game with some modifications.

If you feel that you are not winning, take a step back and look at how you can re-adjust to have a better outcome.

Go Realty Girl

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