Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When you are in last place....

When you are in last place what do you do? Since I am such a competitive person I hate being in last place. Some people say... oh well I finished the race, etc. That is nice and all but I think that being content in last place is for losers. I don't mean to be blunt but... REALLY? You really don't mind being in last place just because you finished. I have seen many people in my day just being content making due and it really got me to thinking- I don't want to be in last place. Some people find themselves in last place and decide its not worth it and quit. Well... sorry to tell you- when I am in last place it pushes me that much more to make sure that I sprint my way to the top.

Here is the honesty part. For a little while I was ok being in last place- because I will still there and going. I have gotten sick of it and have decided that I am going to climb, sprint or whatever it takes to be at the front of the pac. When you are down on your luck or not doing well in your career- YOU are the only one that can change that. Now why don't you? I am... and you can join me. Its not going to be easy but take one step at a time, or a leap( thats what I am taking) and work towards a few small goals a week and soon enough you will be running with the first place people. Make yourself a winner.

Thats it for today.

Go Realty Girl

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