Thursday, December 8, 2011

What people do at 530 am....

What do people do when they get up at 530? When the rooster goes " cock a doodle do"? Well I have had the blessing to find out. My little rooster, Cicily does her wake up call around the time of 530 ish each morning. I used to roll out of bed and half asleep pick her up- change her and put her in the play room while I laid on the floor wishing I had more sleep. I have decided to change that attitude and start getting things accomplished. For one, I am blogging now at 7:09 am. Big change from sleeping on the floor. Note to self and everyone else. Take advantage of your time. I surely have not been and find myself frustrated and angry that I did not get the things I wanted to do during the day completed. So everyone buck up- get yourself a cup of coffee- no matter what time of day is your "tired" time and get moving. You will feel so much more joy and accomplishment than you ever had though.

XOXO.... with many more to come

Go Realty Girl

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