Saturday, October 15, 2011

The new starbucks logo...

This is the newest starbucks logo. It is the same logo as before but what is missing is the name "Starbucks coffee". The reason behind this is that they want to be known for more than coffee (of which I think their main selling item is.... coffee). But what got me thinking was that they didn't even need "Starbucks" on there for people to recognize what brand it is. People just know because they are avid customers. I don't think that their sales will go down due to people not knowing what it is- because people DO know what it is. I think this is a great testimony to their followers and what kind of product they sell. Moral of the story is- if your brand is great- people will know you even without a name on there. We should all strive to deliver a great product no matter what it is- and your followers and clients will know you even if your name is not on it...


Go realty girl

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