Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby I am back!

After a long period of time, I am finally back into the swing of things. This picture above depicts what my life has been all about since June 14th. Its nice to be able to be back to work in full swing and start working out again- but nothing trumps this little peanut. She (and Jory) are my life- they are #1. When people used to say " when you have this baby- your life is going to completely change" I never thought it to be so true. My life is different and it has changed but all in a good way. How has it changed you ask? Well before I could just pick up and go- to the grocery store, the gym, work etc. Now I have to plan when I need to do stuff or go somewhere. I have to pack a baby bag, make sure there are diapers- wipes-second set of clothes- you name it. But its all in the planning. If I need to go into work- I have to find someone to watch her- or bring her (which doesn't really allow for me to get things accomplished in a timely fashion). In the end- its all about the planning and thinking for someone else.
So point of the story is- I have learned these past three months that it is crutial to plan, to organize and to be timely. Not only do I do this with Cicily- I am learning to do it in my work life and my personal life. If I am organized and have everything planned out- I am not scrambling to get things done either when I am out of the house (with out cicily) or when she is napping. Get a game plan, get organized and production rates will certainly go up. Do it now- and you will soon see a lot more clearly.
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