Friday, April 29, 2011

El Cheapo gas....

On our way home from Hilton Head we saw a sign for gas. The sign said "El Cheapo Gas". I thought what a great way to make people stop and get gas at this station. Honesty is always appreciated. As we pulled up closer, it was still the cheapest gas around but I told Jory to keep driving to the next station where it was $.01 more. I rather pay an extra $.15 to fill up my car and have a good experience. El Cheapo was not only cheap gas it was a horrific sight to be seen, run down and disgusting. What I learned from this experience is that sometimes you have to pay just a little more to get a good experience. But then it made me think even further, what if you got the BEST price AND the BEST experience? That would rock. So EXON Mobile and BP- lower your gas about a penny and you will get ALL the cars.


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  1. Hey, my name is steve. i work at that el cheapo, and we have actually done a lot to make the place nicer than it was. It's really rude of you to say that because it doesnt look the best, we can't provide a good tank filling experience.