Monday, February 14, 2011

Pass it on...

Commercials are now airing on television that are called "pass it on". I know you all probably have seen them and some may even find it cheesy- of which they are a little bit, but so much truth behind it. I couldn't find the picture that I wanted to display- so I picked one that shows sportsmanship and helping each other up.

I think so many times we have a goal in front of us that we forget everyone else around us. Sometimes we run over people and step on someone to get where we want to go. This simple commercial reminds me each time I see it to remember the people around. I can still get to my goal even while helping other people around me. You don't want to get to the end or get to your goal and realize that no one is there cheering you on because you knocked them all down.

Take the time to pass on integrity and sportsmanship in everything you do. It will come back 10 fold.


Go Realty Girl

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