Thursday, February 17, 2011

Half way there..ohh living on a prayer

Bon Jovi has said it correct with his lyrics "whooah, were half way there..livin on a prayer...take my hand and we'll make it I sware... whoooah livin on a prayer"

I chose this song because it has a lot to do with my journey though pregnancy. Although I am more than half way there, it seems that I am living on a prayer. I realized though this journey that I have no real say in what my body is doing. I just have to live on a prayer and know that God is totally in control or growing our little girl inside my belly. This has been quite the challenging event considering I like to control things in life and I can certainly not control this. But every time I hear this song it makes me smile.

I am just trusting and living on a prayer.
I can't wait to meet our little girl Cicily Ava.


Go Realty Girl

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