Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Save your feet or save your life? You choose...

This is just going to be a quick blurb of my trip to San Francisco. First I would like to say- city life is very different than suburban life and I thought that I would totally be able to hack the fast pace of San Francisco. Pretty much the first day it seemed to swallow me whole. I was out with my sister in law to be and we decided to take the Bart (the subway)- of which I call the black hole. This black hole is dirty, hot and reallllyyy stinky. But this is the cheapest way to travel to and from. We did a lot of walking the first day- and at the end Fiona and I were dead on the couch with our feet up and sore. I told her and my brother that I didn't think I was going to make it another 3 days of that much walking- even with sneakers.

So the next few days we took taxi's pretty much everywhere- which seems all fine and dandy- but has anyone been in a taxi in San Francisco. I think they received their drivers license from Mars. I couldn't but help clench my hands together and throw up a prayer to the big guy upstairs! I then started thinking to myself- oh boy maybe we should have walked. Then I thought, well which one is worse- my feet or my life? Without much contemplation- I chose the taxi- to put my life in their hands day after day to save my feet. Might sound silly that I chose this option, but thats just it....

In life.. we have to sometimes choose the lesser of two evils. I am not saying either was evil. But my thought process was- when I go home which will I be happier with? I chose to save my feet and pray that the taxi drivers would take care of my life. Either way sometimes what we choose never seems to be a good choice. So take life in stride and make choices that will make you or your feet happier in the end!



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