Monday, November 29, 2010

13 weeks and 1 day... Baby fever!

13 weeks and 1 day is how long this little bean has been growing inside of me! Talk about baby fever- it seems (and is actually a fact) that I have two friends due in April, two in May, and 2 in June (one of which is me). Baby fever is happening. Don't drink the water if you don't want to have a baby!

I will tell you that this has already been a frightening journey. I am a paranoid person and so the fact that I have to look after something else so tiny and helpless is even more frightening. I think that every pinch, cramp or headache means that there is something wrong. But I will have to say its been a glorious journey so far. I didn't get sick and have had very minimal symptoms so I am thanking God that it has been a sick- free zone for me.

What is so glorious about this? I didn't get it either when all my friend who are having babies had their first ultrasound or heard the baby's little heart flutter for the first time. But now I do. The first time Jory and I found out that we were expecting was very, very early in the pregnancy (3.5 weeks to be exact). So the waiting seemed like a lifetime to our first appointment which was at 7 weeks. We went in and they did my first ultrasound and you saw this teeny tiny blob with a little heart flickering. I was crying so hard that my doctor asked me if I was ok and what was wrong. I said nothing- I was just so excited! And then the next appt was at 9 weeks- because I told them I was so paranoid. Again another blob but bigger with a heart beat. Again another at 12 weeks which was a totally different one. I wasn't suppose to get an ultrasound and the amazing doctor whom I told that I was paranoid AGAIN, did one just for my sanity. This one you could see the facial structure, the body, hands,feet, etc- the mouth was moving (which confirmed it was def. my child) and the arms were moving around punching the air( kind of like a boxer in training). This made it so much more real- and exciting! So all the soon to be mom's out there and parents- I GET IT.

I promise you all that I will do everything in my power to enjoy this (of which I am doing, in a paranoid type of way). I promise I will be selfless and take care of this little bean. My life is forever changing and this journey my husband and I are embarking on is by far the best one we have started together (marriage is great- but this is totally different).

Baby love,

Go Realty Girl

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  1. I didn't get sick and have had very minimal symptoms so I am thanking God that it has been a sick- free zone for me. Take a look good for me.