Monday, September 20, 2010

Broke is the new Black!

Broke is the new black, who would have thunk? I am serious when I say the economy is not in great condition- but I think people are embracing this new style of living! That is why I love this tee shirt (along with the advertising that goes along with it).

Everyone reading this is probably asking why I think that it is great that we are embracing what our economy is going through- right? Well honestly, I have found myself to becoming a more materialistic person the more money I was earning when I was working the traditional office job. I had security, I had money, I had AWESOME things. What does that get you? The desire to have nicer things and more money- for most people.

Having my old company go bankrupt was probably the best thing that ever happened to me! Back in Feb. of 2009- a lot of things changed for me. I had NO job, I had NO money but I still had tons of stuff. Where did that leave me- dirt POOR. If I was not married to an amazing man who has an awesome job and works his tail off- I probably would have been the best dressed homeless person there ever was.

So needless to say, I still had a roof over my head, a great husband and food on the table. Quickly did I realize my spending habits had to stop- and that I had to re-focus my attention to what we did and did not "need". It not only affected me, it affected my husband- since we are "one unit". No more nice dinners and drinks out 3x a week. No more fancy trips. No more football package. No more clothes shopping. No more extras (including netflix). Poor me, right? Not so fast.

Things that were once important didn't seem so necessary anymore. Going to red box, making a homemade pizza for a movie night in was what seemed to be our "new" thing. We started to really enjoy it- and still do to this day. We found that re-prioritizing our life was fun and challenging!

Now that I am in a commission based field of work (Real Estate)- checks are not consistent- they are not every week, sometimes not even every month. Yes I am making more money that I had when I had NO job- but it is different. I can't say that I am not still somewhat materialistic- or that I don't have a nice things- but where the money is and is not spent is very different. Every check I receive from my sales are put towards very different things than nice clothes or dinners out. I don't spend the check before I get it- of which is KEY to survival. Living to make money versus making money to live?

Point of this whole blog- realizing what is important to you- my husband and I realize that what is important is to not spend all of our checks- not to spend the money before you have it. Most of all, living broke isn't so bad- we have gotten a lot closer by doing things that do not cost money! If I've embraced it, I know you can too! Money does NOT buy happiness- it does buy STUFF- but what have you got to say for yourself when all you have left is stuff? NOTHING.

Broke is the new black!

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  1. how true, how true. a little dose of perspective is always good. i love where you say, "money does not buy happiness--it does buy stuff". holy goodness, I would MUCH rather have happiness than stuff! :) thanks for sharing linds!

  2. Love this blog post!!! You are so right about everything in it!