Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Go Realty Girl goes to a Wedding in Belize!

Here comes the bride!!!

What is it about weddings that make me super teary eyed? I try and compose myself before any wedding I attend but it does not seem to help ONE BIT! What was it about this wedding that made me overly teary? Let me tell you.

This couple that you see above is a picture of God's love and grace. I got the great opportunity to grow up with this gorgeous bride. I got to go through the up's and down's with her and her amazing twin sister! When you get to see someone develope into the person God has made them to be- it is a sight to beheld. She is a strong, loving, passionate woman who any man would be lucky to marry.

Now you are probably thinking what about the guy? Well he's pretty amazing too. He is also strong, loving and passionate- but most of all what I love about him is- that he has made it very clear that he will guard and protect her heart! He will take care of her and spoil her rotten! He will be a friend and leader for her. If he doesn't, he will have someone knocking at his door (me!)

Anyway, so this amazing union of two beautiful people got me more teary eyed than normal because I knew that this marriage is legit! They love each other and share that love to everyone around. They are a true blessing to me and my husband. So thank you Liz and Ben!

Cheers to the amazing newlyweds!

Go Realty Girl


  1. "LIKE" <--- I'm instituting the "like" feature on your blog :) xoxo

  2. "LIKE" too! Soooo sweet, just like you!

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