Monday, August 9, 2010

Go Realty Girl goes on a sunset cruise

My second day in Belize was beyond amazing! Jory and I hung around the pool area most of the morning thru mid day. We frolicked in the waters and drank cocktails pool side..haha (we really did but there was no frolicking in the waters, more or less we jumped in because it was quite warm in the sun).

After a great full day- we got ready to take a sunset cruise with some of the other people that were there for the wedding! If you could just imagine the above picture with you on in, you would soon realize how amazing other countries are! How many times do you get to spend time on a boat for 4 hours eating lobster(fresh) ceviche (which is another word for AMAZING salsa with fresh lobster in in) and having drinks with some of your closest friends? Not many times can I remember when I get to do this in the states!

We de-boarded the boat and were planning on going out to grab some more food and hang out with friends- but for all that know me I am quite the Cinderella- well really I am the 10 pm Cinderella. My body seems to shut itself down around that time and if I don't find a bed by a little after 10- you better watch out! So we took the boat back to the resort and just got to relax and take in the fabulous day we just had.

Didn't seem like there was a moral of the story- like the rest of them? Well there actually is a lesson to be learned. While I was out on the boat- I realized how small I really was. I saw that there was so much more than me in the world- I mean it wouldn't be as good without me in it (jk)- it was just that I saw there was so much to this amazing creation than just me. How small we are compared to the seas... How small we are compared to the sky... How small we are compared to the whole world! This was not a down moment- it was not a sad moment... it was a REALITY moment I had.

What I realized was... yes I am small compared to the world... but I can be LARGE in the amount that I touch people.. I can be LARGE in my setting. We were created to make differences... we were created to influence for the better... we were created to dream BIG. In order to do this we (I) need to dream BIG,act BIG and BIG things will happen...You can be LARGE where you are now. Take the initiative... get motivated to have BIG things happen... Act upon it...and it will come...

Dreaming BIG,

Go Realty Girl

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