Monday, June 28, 2010

Lindsay... in the Raw

Have you ever wondered what sugar in the raw was? We all know that in the raw means that it really has not been touched up or processed to make something beautiful- yet it still tastes delicious without any additives. Wow- what a profound idea... something natural that is still good and hasn't been modified to make it look prettier or taste different.

My summer is full of traveling and weddings- so dressing up- doing my hair and putting on make up has become a consistent part of my summer- almost natural.. but not. So- I was traveling to NY on Friday for a bridal shower for my sister in law and I was wearing a long sun dress, no make up and my hair in a frizz ball on top of my head. I would call this Lindsay in the raw. I didn't want people I knew to see my like this- but what was the purpose of traveling in full makeup and hair?There isn't a purpose and that is exactly why I didn't care the way I looked.

Anyway, I stopped at a travel plaza in the middle of nowhere to use the bathroom. After I opened the stall door- the person waiting for me was this beautiful girl- also probably in the raw. I KNEW her- she and I had gone to middle school and some high school together. What a crazy world? We started talking and hugging and catching up but in the back of my mind I was thinking... oh gosh- she probably thinks i let myself go. yada yada yada. It was evident that she wasn't looking at my outside she was just so excited to see me, as I was with her. Two girls in the raw- no judgements, no nothing. I was so excited to run into her- and the rest of her family- that I started to not care what I was looking like and just enjoy it.

Moral of the story- Lindsay in the raw is just as good as dolled up Lindsay- I actually like myself a little bit better in the raw. I think it shows peoples true colors- it allows for a real conversation. I am not saying people should stop showering and not being presentable. What I AM saying is that people need to start looking through all the make up and see people in the raw- start liking people because they are interesting or they are quirky. See peoples true colors and celebrate them- whether they are in full form or in the raw.

Go Realty Girl

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  1. Linds, I absolutely LOVE this post! You know when I feel prettiest.... at night after I take off all my make up and take one last look in the mirror before hopping into bed!!! <3