Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exhausted? Not yet... but I am tired...

How do you know when your body is exhausted versus just tired? Well I don't... but what I do know is that I am very tired. What I realized is when my body is tired, my mind starts getting tired and then my emotions get fired up! So I am (was) a total mess. I am a mess that is hard to deal with. Feeling bad for myself? Sure was. Just want to cry all the time- well actually have been crying all the time.. YUP! Not anymore- mentally I am organizing all my types of tiredness and tackling them one at a time.

Sure- I have been keeping up with my 60 min of exercise each day- but that is not what this blog is about! This blog is about healthy living for all areas of my life. What I realized is that I was so concerned about working out each day and keeping my promise to myself about exercise- that I didn't take the same amount of time to tend to my mind and emotions. What was I thinking?

Anyway- so the last few days I have really started to focus my mind on being sharper and more attentive. The more I do this, the better I will be for my work and my relationships with others. People are probably wondering how do you do this? Well for me- I had to take time the night before each day and write down what my goals were for the day and what I wanted to accomplish- pretty much just be more organized.

As for my emotional side of things- I needed to take an hour each morning to be silent (for those who know me- I don't do quiet very well) and listen to what I was feeling. First day was the toughest, but as of this morning- I cried during this time, I yelled and even laughed a little bit. But what I realized from this- getting in tune with what I am feeling really allows more stability in my life. I finally feel a little healthier emotionally- I am not there yet... but am getting there!

The lesson I learned from this is so simple but so difficult. Take care of yourself in all areas, because if one is neglected- your whole universe is upside down. Take time to really listen..... listen to your body, mind and soul. Treat them all equally. Treat them with kindness and tenderness. They will thank you later- I am already starting to reap the rewards of listening to myself.


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