Monday, June 7, 2010

Dancing is a form of exercise.. and boy is it fun!

Dancing the night away is the way to a healthy and fit bod! Who knew?

Did you ever think of dancing as a form of exercise? I know that there are video's out there called "dance your a** off" and "dance your body slim" but who actually owns those videos? No one I know.

This past Saturday we had an event called "Go Prom" where we got to put on our party dresses and enjoy a fun night out. Back track to Saturday morning... I was thinking of things I would want to do to fill my 60 min. of exercise- I really didn't want to do anything since my body was still sore from the previous days of working out. But none the less, I took Sadie (my dog) for a walk and joined my husband for a short game of tennis. Check and check! My 60 minutes were complete. But boy was I in for a surprise!

As we entered Go Realty, a disco ball was hanging from the ceiling and DJ equipment lined the walls. A total transformation from the cool, hip real estate company we are! Anyway, getting to the point (promise)... It started out as a social event- people chatting it up all along the sides... and then BAM- Jim and his wife did an AWESOME dance- more or less it was spectacular! Breaking the ice.. I think so! Everyone joined the dance floor shaking left and right.. jumping up and down.. waving hands in the air. It was a good two hours before I left the group of dancers and boy was I sweaty and tired. I thought.. WOW.. I wasn't counting down the minutes to when I could stop (like I regularly do on the treadmill or the eliptical). I was having FUN- and exercising all at the same time. Can I tell you the next morning I was sore from head to toe, sore muscles I didn't even know I had.

Moral of the story- exercise is not just the treadmill or tennis- it is anything that gets you to be active.. Exercise can be fun- and it was that night for me. Find something fun that keeps you active and you won't be disappointed!

Check in the next few days to see my progress!

Go Realty Girl

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