Friday, June 4, 2010

60 hours in 60 days: Get Active challenge

Some of you might be wondering what this is all about- 60 hours of activity in 60 days seems to be tough on your body! Isn't it healthy to take a break so your muscles can restore themselves and build stronger? To all of you who had this thought- YES, you are correct... but I don't care. I know what is good and what is bad for my body. I know my body needs to rest- and it will.

This is a challenge just to myself. Why? Its simple- I grew up playing all kinds of sports and always being super active on a daily basis that I took advantage of organized sports. I didn't have a choice- if I wanted to play- I would have to practice too. So on my way to the real world, I would exercise here and there- but having a "real" job just made me too tired- or so I thought. I would go to the gym on and off, but there was no real consistency. I gained a few pounds- ate out quite a bit and started to feel down. I didn't want to go to work- I didn't want to do anything. I got down right depressed. I made excuses- my father issues, work issues, etc. You name it- I thought it. But what it was, was directly in front of me! I wasn't taking care of myself- my body was telling me that it was depressed- which made my mind feel depressed. Then I met a boy- now my husband!

Anyway, enough of this mumbo jumbo- when I was proposed to- I really decided that this is ONE day I want to look great. I started changing my way of thinking. I started bringing my lunch to work and started making a conscious effort to eat better and exercise daily. I got a personal trainer to keep my workouts mixed up and my body just kept changing- to something I liked. Between food and exercise, my depression went away and my mind was sharp! So the wedding came and went (of which I looked good that day for sure)- and I kept up good eating and exercising habits. Then it started to dwindle down again. I started feeling down.

Now to present day- I am not saying that I am going to go running 60 min. each day- I am not training for a marathon or a triathlon- I am training myself for LIFE. Once I train myself for life, I then can focus on training for a 1/2 marathon or something of the equivalent. I will tell you now- I have done this for approximately 10 days- the first week was really just a trial run to see if I could hack it and it is tough- every muscle in my body hurts! But I am starting today- all of you as my witness. I want you to follow me for the next 60 days on my journey of getting active again. The more active you are- the sharper you will be- the more efficient you will be- the more balanced you will be.

Day 1- June 4th- I woke up sore from pilates yesterday- as my friend Jenn Cole would say: I feel like I got kicked in the stomach- but I really feel like I got hit by a bus! Anyway- getting out of bed was tough, going to the bathroom was tough- taking a shower... tough... but what did I do- I did a billy blanks video- a kick boxing- hour long video... what was I thinking? I probably should have just walked or anything but move the muscles that hurt. First lesson learned- change up what activity you do according to how your body feels- or you will be like me and have to lay on the bed to put on your pants.

Share this please with everyone you know- I am trying to get my blog out to more peeeps!

Love you guys!

Go Realty Girl

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