Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shiny things are just that and then they fade...

Shiny things are just that... and then they fade....

What does this mean? I think that everyone loves to have shiny things in their lives, right? I recently just purchased a new car (well its used- but new to me)- a BMW 328i and let me tell you how amazing it is! It is so "shiny" and flashy (well atleast for me). It has all these features that I have never seen in a car. It has windows that open by the push of a button on what they call the key- it is called the warm weather package- ?!? It also has a button that you push in the car to start it- without a key? Who knew that a car had all these "shiny" features. Don't you just love the feeling when you get something nice and new and of course shiny? It makes you feel happy and joyful whenever you look at it or use it. It certainly does for me.

But how long does it last? How long does the hype last? When does the shine start to fade? No one really knows the answer other than it just does. What happens after the shiny thing fades? Do you go looking for another shiny thing? So pretty much you will go from one to the next to fill the void. This must be so depressing- having something that will always fade.

What I have learned from the purchase of my new car is to take it with a grain of salt. Of course enjoy it- of course use it- but just let it be that. Don't put any merit in earthly things that shine. Focus yourself on the things that actually matter in life. Put your time and effort into your relationships- put your time and effort into taking care of your body- put your time and effort into things that will last.

Love you.
Go Realty Girl


  1. thank you for sharing hun! your words bring such encouragement and inspiration, as well as perspective. when did you get so wise? thank you for taking the time to write them out. love you.