Monday, April 12, 2010

You have to squeeze a lot of lemons to make lemonade

You have to squeeze a lot of lemons to make lemonade... Isn't that what your parents always told you?

What makes lemonade? Usually it is made with a lot of squeezed lemons then adding some water and sugar and tada.. You have a beautiful concoction that makes a sweet (with a little tang), lemonade. So many people just like the outcome of lemonade.That is why so many people just buy it after it is processed and bottled. We don't think about how much time and effort it actually took to make this great drink. We just like the outcome of it!

I think that we can learn a ton from the actual process of making lemonade. You probably are asking, what can we learn? First off, life is all about lemons. Sometimes we have so many sour things in our life that happen(the lemons), that we forget to think about the sugar (the sweet things in life) and water that need to be added to our lives. We keep saying, "why do we keep getting lemons?" Why don't we get as much sugar as we do lemons in our lives? Well I think I might have the answer.

The lemon. Although by itself it is just a sour taste, we need those lemons. We needs the bad things in our lives to happen. We need to take those lemons and squeeze them out. The challenges and bad things in our lives is what allows us to build the strength to get through. Life is not fair, but without these lemons we wouldn't be able to appreciate when the sugar comes.

The sugar. We need some sugar in our lives to remind us why we are doing the things we are doing to obtain happiness! It seems that even a little sugar lets us taste the sweetness of life. This sweetness of our lives might be a job promotion, overcoming an illness or even just feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin. Sugar, although it might be just a dash (or a cup).. is what reminds us of the great things in our lives!

The water. Although people are bored by water, it is a life staple.We need water to survive. The water, even though no real taste... nourishes our bodies and allows for hydration. Water allows us to keep going. It is a necessity of life!

Put these all together and BAM.. you have lemonade! Although it takes tons of lemons, some sugar and the all necessary water- you get the best outcome.. A sweet delicious drink.. Lemonade. This lemonade is the outcome of embracing all of the ingredients. Even though sometimes in the making you think, " how many more lemons do I have to squeeze until I get to put the sugar and water in? I am really getting tired of this"- it is necessary to squeeze- get through those lemons and persevere! Because once those lemons are through, you get to add the sugar and water- and what a beautiful mixture you get. Then you get to sip away and leave your scars(lemons) behind and just enjoy!

So my challenge to you today is: Don't get overwhelmed by those lemons- the sugar and water are coming. Just don't give up. Don't stop at the lemons. Persevere- work through it, learn from it. I promise the sugar and water will be right around the corner!


Go Realty girl


  1. Go Girl! You've done it again. Way to bring some sugar to my day!!!

  2. That is the most powerfully wonderful blog post I have ever read. I want to be just like you when I grow up. xoxox