Monday, April 26, 2010

I've gotta feeling tonights going to be a good good night...

"Iv'e gotta feeling, tonights gunna be a good good night" are lyrics sung by the Black Eyed Peas clang! What great lyrics, huh? Every time I turn this on in my car, somehow I automatically am happy (if I was already in a good mood, it just gets better)- but kind of like my socks that put me in a good mood- this song brings me joy. Since I don't normally wear socks in the summer(just cute sandals), I need something to ensure my good mood. You are probably asking- where is this going? What is the point?

Heres the point: Positive attitude = Positive outcome! Plain and simple. When you have a bad attitude how do you think anything is suppose to go well for you? You are creating your own destiny. You are creating a path for failure. When things are looking a little dark acknowledge the fact that its there and tell yourself- I will not let this rule my life. I will sing the joys of whats going to be! I am going to look at my life and the future and sing- tonights going to be a good good night, todays going to be a good good day, this meetings going to be a good good meeting, my gym time is going to a be good good good time! Whatever it is- think/sing positive and positive things are to come!

Todays going to be a good good day!

Love you guys!

Go Realty Girl

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! We've definitely talked about this before...and I swear I could work out to it over and over and it would be great!