Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The underdogs upset the fan favorites in NCAA basketball!

Tons of people are still in shock over the last few weeks of basketball upsets. Most of the teams that were chosen to go far in the tournament or even all the way have been eliminated by teams that were not a favorite to win. With so many peoples brackets now ruined, its all about finding a team to cheer for all the way to the end.

As a person who likes to see the underdogs win, I couldn't be more thrilled! I love watching a team that is not "supposed" to do well, beat a team that should be a shoe in for the final four!~

People probably are asking why? Why do you want the underdogs to win? Well- a simple answer- (actually not really- but I want you to continue reading). I think that everyone at one point or another is an underdog- where someone is better than you at the one thing you are trying to succeed at. Sometimes we are the #1 pick, but how often does that happen? Does that stop us from continuing to be diligent and train ourselves to be the best that we can be- I sure hope not. When you strive to be the best as an underdog you have a lot more to prove- you have to be flawless. If you give up because you are not the best, you will never be the best- you will never upset the fan favorite! But with diligence and training- the time will come when you will be the underdog who will WIN. So my encouragement to you today is keep at it, keep working, keep believing because I promise you if you do these things- YOU will succeed!

Go Realty Girl

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