Monday, February 8, 2010

Looking for a great place to eat in Raleigh?

The Irregardless Cafe
Written from Tuesday Feb.2,2010:
I woke up this morning not really "feeling it" due to the freezing cold and the rain pouring down. Big plans for the night I though were ruined. How was I going to get my hair to do what I want in this weather? If anyone else has hair like mine, where it seems to get all frizzed up and has a mind of its own during the rain you know how ANNOYING it can be! SO of course, I waited to do my hair till the last minute because then it wouldn't be so "ruined" by this horrific weather. Anyway, long story short it went up in a pony with a great head piece (purchased at Anthropologie: of course my favorite store).
So with the understanding that this dinner was not for ME, it was for my sister in law's birthday, I sucked it up got dress (which I would like to say, I looked pretty good) and started to focus on her DAY. The reservations were made for the Irregardless Cafe in Raleigh (really close to NC State). Because of the rain, we actually missed it the first time, but turned around and got a parking spot on the street and off Jory and I were into the restaurant.
First off, the outside was so adorable with stucco siding and these old looking windows. It almost looked liked we had jumped into a different country. We walked in and this nice looking man directed us to our table where the others were waiting. He took my coat and hung it up on the coat rack in the back (so nice to have great service right off the bat). The atmosphere in irregardless was interesting. It didn't seem like anything special, but for some reason it felt so welcoming and relaxing. After ordering a few bottles of wine for the table ( of which on your birthday month you get a FREE bottle of wine with dinner- how nice!) I ordered the surf and turf with some garlic mashed potatoes (yuummmm). The food to say the least... was AMAZING! Cooked just right and to my directions.. fabulous.
After our meal we shared more wine and conversation with our friends and just enjoyed each other. Now you might be wondering where this is all going right? First off... take a chance on the Irregardless Cafe-looks can be deceiving (although I loved the look)!
Second... my hair was the least of my worries once we got there, I realized how vain I can be sometimes, and this night was not about me. It was about celebrating life and friends. And boy was I glad that I got over my hair crisis because I would have missed out on one of the most fun, relaxing times I have had this year. Enjoy each other, enjoy wine (I do), and enjoy yourself.. Life's too short to worry about a bad hair day.

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