Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's all about the celebration...

(USA celebrates their goals and victory over Canada in 2010 Olympics)

First off, what a game! I know people must be getting bored with my posts about hockey, but I am telling you we can learn one thing from ALL the hockey teams competing in the Olympics: HOW TO CELEBRATE!
No matter what kind of goal it is, the celebration is extreme. They don't just skate around and slap hands- they JUMP up and down with their fist pumping in the air screaming. They even skate and bounce off the boards celebrating. But one thing is for sure- it is a intense celebration ~ kinda like what we would do if we won a million dollars.
Not only do people watch hockey for the skill, hitting and goal scoring- they watch it for the celebration- we live vicariously through their achievement, through their victories- but very seldom do we celebrate our own achievements and victories the way that hockey players do! Why? It's simple- we don't want to look cocky or self centered. Right?
We should be jumping up and down celebration every victory! I think that so many people are living in a world that they think will not accept their celebration if too intense- but I am telling you- start celebrating all your victories and achievements- you deserve it. It makes it worth putting all the effort and diligence into what you do. If you don't celebrate big, what you do will be minimized! Lets start a new generation of celebrating big! Once we start this trend, people will follow and start celebrating too! As we show how to REALLY celebrate, people will start celebrating for eachother in BIG ways- don't we all want that?
I am sick of holding back.. I hope you are too!

Double fist pumps,

Go Realty Girl


  1. Wow Go Girl! What a post! You got me pumped. Celebrate good times, Come on!

  2. wuh wuh wuh!!!!!! fists in the air!!

  3. Life is short. Play hard. Just do it. Got milk. Think Different. Imagine. Go. |JG