Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't be a fair weather fan!

(Above is Tim Gleeson, Carolina Hurricanes-hes my secret crush...)

As everyone knows the Carolina Hurricanes haven't had the best season ever, well it might even be said that this is their worst season. Between all the injuries it seemed that they were doomed! As an avid watcher, I am obsessed with them even when people say they stink- I don't care, I still like them- go eat dirt. Anyway, being as lucky as I am, I get so see quite a few games from the 4th row blue line- and let me tell you the arena is empty.I understand we are in a recession here folks, but the buzz is that no one wants to go because they aren't in "top eight"( for all of you who don't know what that is- there is 8 play off spots in their division and only the top eight obviously play for the Cup). Who cares they are not in the top 8- the last two months they have played incredibly awesome and now people are starting to go back to the games.And on top of that 4 of the Canes were chosen to play in the Olympics (if they are so bad why are they being chosen for the Olympics?)
What if your cheerleaders through life just decided to not show up and support you when you weren't doing so well? What if you lost your job or worse? Would your fans show up to root you on?
Whats my point?

A.I think that we have something to learn from the Carolina Hurricanes. They work their butts off every single day during practice and every single game. They might not be winning, but still put 100% into their love: Hockey. They don't just stop playing because people stop coming! Keep on keeping on- put 100% even when things are not looking up- things will turn around.
B. Be a whole hearted fan! Not just a hockey fan, but more than that be a fan of your friends and family. I am telling you... the more that you are a whole hearted fan for those you care about, you will receive the same support and believe ME- you will need it at some point down the road (or even now). This is why I think fair weather fans stink!

Go Canes!

Go Realty Girl


  1. WoooHooo! Girlfriend, I love your blog... it seems to be always appropriate for what's going on in my world and gives me a boost. Keep it coming GoRealtyGirl! muah!!!!

  2. I don't know much about hockey...but I do know the magic of believing in the potential of other people! Right on target go realty girl!