Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to choose a good blogging name???

The question of the day (actually the week) was how do I come up with a blog name that will be memorable and just plain awesome? I came up with a few different idea's and kept coming back to the show gossip girl. For all who don't know about the show, its a teen drama where the main character is never seen but is feared by all the teens in NY city. Some how, this girl known as "gossip girl" knows all the gossip before anyone else and then sends it out via text to all the NY city teens to expose the dirty secrets and scandals. I know people are probably wondering why I want to be associated with this "gossip girl"- but I want my blogging to be about fun and exciting gossip. Things such as the coolest place to eat, grab a drink, the best parks to run in, the hot spot to hang out,etc are the items that I will be writing about (along with some real estate hot topics~obviously).

But with the inspiration of "gossip girl", I wanted to be realty girl. It was already taken. Then bouncing some ideas around the office- Melanie who is an Angel (literally a Go Angel) came up with Go Realty Girl. First off why this works is because I now work @ GO REALTY, I am a realtor and I am girl!! Second, its catchy- at least I think so!! Gorealtygirl works... love it. 

Anyway, follow me and I will make your life complete (hehe. just kidding)- but I hope this new blog will be a fun place to come and read some fun and exciting news! I can't wait!!!

Lots of love,

Lindsay A. aka go realty girl


  1. I love it and am so excited that you finally crossed over into the blogging world! Good Luck and I will definitely be following!!!

  2. Love it. I want the inside scoop! I've already subscribed.

  3. Gonna read your blog.
    Make it good!!
    Miss you!