Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go Realty Girl Gives Back For The Cure

Everyone seems to have a story, the way that their life has unfolded. It seems to me... that there are so many people that have so many different passions and desires for their lives. And these passions and desires are usually because what has or hasn't happened in their lives.

For me, Spring of 2008 my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She made it a point to fight and take charge of her cancer and beat it into the next century. Her strength and faith(that she still has) are what has pulled her through. I thought if I could live my life with such strength and faith I would go places! (Obviously I am going places..hehe)But for real, I made it a point to walk in the breast cancer awareness events and make a donation here and there BUT that is where it stopped. I was passionate about finding a cure for Breast Cancer but didn't seem to have the time to actually make it a part of my daily life. That's always the excuse... "I don't have time, I don't have money, I don't know where to start"..yada yada yada...

All the excuses that I used, are now long gone. Coming to work at Go Realty, I was opened to a new view of giving back and actually making it part of my life. Now a portion of all my sales go to Susan G. Komen for the CURE! Not only does a portion of all my sales go to this organization, Go Realty matches a certain amount of the donation!!! Now that's the way business should work.

Although the excuses are good, they are not good enough. I find myself really enjoying making it a part of my life and finding other ways to give back even when I don't have a sale. For all the people who came to my GO PARTY, allowed me to donate $1 to the Susan G. Komen (triangle area) foundation. I love integrating this into different areas of my life.

My challenge to you.... Whatever has influenced your life or that you are passionate about, please find time to "give back". Life is too short to allow those excuses to win! If you don't know what it is that you want to give back to, try a few different things out and go from there. But please, I beg of you... find something that you will give back to!

Love you guys!
Go Realty Girl


  1. such wisdom my love! it really is so easy to let a week go by, a month and before you know it, that thing you were so passionate about, well, maybe you really don't care as much about it as you thought. maybe you should wait for something else to come along....and that is how life become mediocre! i'm inspired by your encouragement. thanks! love you!